Transcreation / Translation

Whether it’s a company bid, a newspaper article or copywriting text, it’s not just about cleverly crafted words; it’s also about getting into the skin of a culture, and all the language conventions embedded within that culture.

If you’re Dutch, then your English more than likely goes way beyond the “I always get my sin” or “Keep it in the holes” anecdotes, but a native English speaker can usually spot a text written by a Dutchman or a native English literal translator. I will recreate your Dutch text so that it reads like an English original (rather than ‘Dunglish’). Indeed, this holds for any English text that has originated in a different language.

I can also undertake Dutch-to-English translations; for longer texts, I have a network of qualified and experienced translators whom I can vouch for; and I’ll harmonise style in a final edit.