Presentation Coaching

There are oodles of presentation skills books and courses out there, I know. I think what differentiates me from the crowd is that I’m a one-stop shop: With my background in journalism, writing and acting, I can help you identify a clear message, turn your presentation or speech into a performance-based piece of storytelling, and ensure that you build awareness of timing and non-verbal communication in its delivery.

I will also work on bringing out your personal strengths, rather than imposing prescriptive methods with mechanical emotions and anecdotes.

I offer one-on-one coaching, and tailor-made presentation training for groups. Perhaps you’re already a dynamic and polished speaker: I can simply be a sounding board to help you crystallise your thoughts, or mix your message with a personal touch. We can also use Skype to complement live meetings if time is limited (when is it not?).

I start by asking:
What is your story?
Who is your audience?
Why do you want to tell it?

Then I ask the same questions in reverse.

By staying true to yourself and by presenting in the spoken word, you will engage with and touch your audience. In short, I’ll help you create a story that ‘sticks’, and work on the right ethos-pathos-logos balance to suit you, your message, and your audience.