Academic Writing

I write teaching cases at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, presenting students with a critical management challenge. By adding characterisation and colour to conceptual content, the cases illustrate theory in practice, trigger lively classroom debate, and enable experiential learning.

Commissions from Fontys University of Applied Sciences have included a case study on the 2015 transition of the Dutch healthcare system through the eyes of a small local authority, and one on the Black Pete (Zwarte Pieten) debate, assessing its deeply rooted paradigms in the framework of Thought Leadership.

For Erasmus University, I’ve had commissions on the Sustainable Development Goals, and a vignette series on embedded gender (and intercultural) biases in the workplace. One of the stories, which I rewrote as a fictionalised version, has been published in The Harvard Business Review.

I can also turn your academic writing into a feature for a more mainstream audience.

Working with academics has enabled me to dip into a spectrum of specialist content. A generalist with a humanities background, I have started to join the dots; zooming out of these content zones to identify patterns of human and collective behaviour across time to make sense of major transformations currently taking place in the fabric of our society.

More samples upon request.